Tuesday, November 12, 2013

There's not going to be a cartoon today...nor tomorrow...
Well...that's not really true...there's not going to be a Bunnycartoon. Today and tomorrow we will have a 24 hour extravaganza at the Berlin Cheesemountain Tragedy Galery from Wolf, Josh and Johan.
Josh from Caffeinated Toothpaste and I will both make a 1000 cartoons in 24 hours (hopefully).
Johan will make a painting (or several). Niels will do 24 hour nice stuff (like he does usual). Marga will be out doing streetphotography for 24 hours and pop in once in a while. Wolf from Kaiserbrand makes cool animations! And Fufu will make a 24 hour comic, meaning, he makes 24 pages within those 24 hours.

You are welcome to drop by, it all starts in a couple of hours but don't expect much coherent talk after some time!
the Cheesemountain Tragedy, Schönleinstrasse 32 10967 Berlin.


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